Wanna thank the #GlobalSpinAwards for both of my prizes. I included this photo not to disrespect or blast but to give an example of the pressures open format djs are under constantly. #OFdJs are a select few that foolishly think they can educate and entertain. My general rule is the psychological sweet spot is whatever song was hitting your target crowd when they were 16 to 24. Thing is: who is your audience? The bar staff might be 25 to 30 something so that's 2001 to 2005. But the security staff looks like they 35-50 so that could be 1981 to 1996. Some of the crowd are newbies at 23 so you talking 2008. I see mad 40 year olds trying to hit on younger people so 1985. Whole point is covering an ENTIRE spectrum of music is a tough task. I don't take it lightly. At first I planned my battles because I was easily distracted by the cute girl that wants to hear "blah blah" then the song fades & I don't have a follow up song ready then party is dead. then I became obsessed w/ the challenge of "in 300 songs can I cover 85 years of music from #LouisJordan to #JimmyLiggins to #RollingStones to #KoolAndTheGang to #WhitneyHouston to #Nirvana to #Hanson to #Drake to #Diplo to #Dornik w/o the crowd knowing it's an audio lecture as opposed to being mindless party music?" Essentially you're trying to prep a 43 course meal for some that just want to friggin grab a sandwich and be out. Can't blame em: we live in #ShuffleCulture & a singles society. Who has patience to chill through all that? (The side eye in this pic is a great example of no patience) so I humbly accept this award on behalf of all the djs that are all inclusive & use creativity to entertain & educate. Granted it's not for everyone. So S/O to all patient partygoers who are down for an interesting journey! @revolttv
Questlove Gomez @questlove
Britney Spears @britneyspears
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