Celebrity Pics of the Day, 12.04.12 -- CELEBRITY PETS!


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Today's topic: CELEBRITY PETS

This one may *look* innocent, but... JASMINE TOOKES warned ya!

Cuties!  JENNIE GARTH's daughter & dog

And here's JENNIE GARTH's cat -- what an intellectual!

BARRON HILTON's pup envies the cat

ROB THOMAS's pup Ollie is getting all the love from his wife

Awww!  A basket of sausages from ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY

JAIME KING's pup wants a bite of what she's having!

CHRIS D'ELIA's dogs have his back

AUBREY O'DAY's dog is getting druuuuuunk!

Here's DEREK HOUGH passed out on the couch with his pal

BARRON HILTON's pug NOBU is not really in the holiday spirit

Say hello to MILEY CYRUS's baby ZIGGY

Somebody better claim their cat before JUDD APATOW's daughter takes dibs!

Lookitdat face!  Here's a closeup of MILEY CYRUS's baby ZIGGY

And finally, here is internet star KEVIN ROSE's baby TOASTER, getting all muddy.  


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