Celebrity Pics of the Day, 11.30.12 -- CELEBRITY LANDMARKS!


Bringing it to you once again -- a daily collection of the awww, the awww yeah, and the WTF?, all from your favorite celebrities' Instagram & Twitter accounts.



Here's a pic of the Santa Monica Pier as shot by MySpace creator TOM ANDERSON

These are the lamps of LACMA (LA County Museum of Art), taken by GREG DULLI of the Afgahn Whigs!

And here are the same lamps, shot by KYLIE JENNER!

BRODY JENNER delivers Malibu at sunset

And this is world-famous Ipanema, taken from above Rio's Posto 9 by Madonna manager GUY OSEARY

Skater TONY HAWK delivers a San Diego sunset

MOBY shows off his Lake Hollywood backyard in the morning rain

And here it is at nightfall!

XZIBIT goes fishing before his next show

JEREMY PIVEN prepares to board San Francisco's rocketship

ELIZA DUSHKU arrives in New Orleans

And Full House star BOB SAGET takes you on the 20th Century Fox lot

And here is the Fox lot's other most noted landmark, the bust of HOMER SIMPSON!


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