Celebrity Pics of the Day, 11.09.12 -- CELEBRITY AWESOMENESS

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I mean, yeah, we get celebrity pics every hour of eery day, but man, there have been some KILLER shots coming in!

ANDERSON COOPER just posted this picture of HIMSELF as a ZOMBIE!

GILBERT GOTTFRIED with the Reverend MR T.  Come on!!!

Say whaaaaaat?  RICK JAMES with a baby NICKY HILTON

BUFFY REUNION!!!!  SETH GREEN and ALYSON HANNIGAN reunite on the set of How I Met Your Mother

Nice Dynasty!  JOAN COLLINS & FRAN DRESCHER roll deep!

It's a party, make an anthem!  LMFAO's RED FOO with STEVE AOKI

JASON MRAZ posted his passport photo from his redneck days.  Niiiiiice!

AMBER ROSE posted herself as Family Guy's Lois Griffin!

ELLIE GOULDING grew a mustache!

AARON PAUL tweeted this pic of Barack Obama doing his best Jesse Pinkman impression!

The nails match the cap!  Who's that girl?  VANESSA HUDGENS!

ADRIANNE CURRY and the girls bid you a goodnight

While Modern Family's ARIEL WINTER says hello in a more G-rated manner

.....and there you have it!  Be sure to come back often for more celebrity pics, and tell your friends about THEYPOSTED.