Celebrity Pics of the Day, 11.07.12 -- OBAMA VICTORY!

A daily collection of the awww, the awww yeah, and WTF?, all from your favorite celebrities' Instagram & Twitter accounts.


Today's topic: OBAMA VICTORY!


Wow, what a night!  Here is how your favortie celebrities saw it:

SANTIGOLD retweeted this bionic bitch slap from TV on the Radio's DAVE SITEK

Prince drummer SHEILA E jumped in a pool

Glee's CORY MONTEITH pointed at his sticker

Private Practice star KATE WALSH pointed at her TV

SNL's ABBY ELLIOTT woke up her dog

ROSE McGOWAN drank up with her pup

And politico ANA MARIE COX liveblogged from her hotel room all day & night.  Sexy sexy!

JOHN LEGEND enjoyed a carrot cake

Republican MARIA SHRIVER lit up with her kids

JULIA LOUIS DREYFUS filled in an electoral map with her family

EVA LONGORIA partied down at her house with friends

AISHA TYLER hung out in a big room with a lot of people

ZACHARY QUINTO is in the thick of the big party in Chicago

Foursquare founder DENNIS CROWLEY hung out in a downtown NYC dive bar

NBC NEWS lit up Rockefeller Center

IAN SOMERHOLDER recalled that time he met the President

MICHELLE BRANCH recalled that time he met the President

P DIDDY recalled that time he met the President

RICKY MARTIN recalled that time he met the President

Singer JANELLE MONAE shed a tear

Glee's KEVIN MCHALE & LEA MICHELE smiled big

LADY GAGA and her posse were grinning from ear to ear... waitasec, is that mask for oxygen or nitrous???

And PEE WEE HERMAN offered a patriotic snow globe.


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