Celebrity Pics of the Day, 11.04.12 -- RANDOM CUTENESS

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Today's topic: RANDOM CUTENESS

Good morning and happy Sunday!  Hope you all set your clocks back an hour for Daylight Saving. 

We start the day with sunny pic of The B-- in Apartment 23 KRYSTEN RITTER in Seaside New Jersey during happier times, please help those affected by Sandy get back on their feet.

LA's own little angel VANESSA HUDGENS say a prayer from above the city

LADY GAGA, chilling on the beach

How gorgeous is singer ELLIE GOULDING in this dress?

Here's Covergirl model / Modern Faily star SOFIA VERGARA getting ready for her closeup

Instagram co-foudner MIKE KRIEGER shows off his own modeling skills

JUSTIN BIEBER says "hellloooooo ladies!" with this shot

While comedian WHITNEY CUMMINGS reminds us all that her biological clock is ticking.



And there you have it!  Go out and enjoy your day, and tell all your friends about THEYPOSTED.  Come back again soon!