Celebrity Pics of the Day, 11.02.12 -- PUPPIES!!!

A daily collection of the awww, the awww yeah, and WTF?, all from your favorite celebrities' Instagram & Twitter accounts.


Today's topic: PUPPIES!!!

No surprises that PARIS HILTON's doggie HARAJUKU would dress as LADY GAGA this Halloween

BARRON HILTON shows off his little monsters

And here they are out of their costumes -- the little black dog was actually a CAT!!!

KYLIE JENNER's little buddy says hi

What a pensive pup!  Here is ERIC STONESTREET's best bud.

Singer ANTHONY GREEN's baby is all bundled up in a powerless post-Sandy home

While shoe designer BRYAN ATWOOD's best friend is sharpening his billiards & brandy skills until the power returns to their home

Here's a shot of Digg / Google's KEVIN ROSE playing tug of war with his dog TOASTER

NASCAR driver DENNY HAMLIN snuggles up wih his pup

While BLINK 182's MARK HOPPUS takes his pal on the road

CHAD OCHOCINCO's pups are getting HUGE -- damn, son, what are you feeding them dogs!

Oh wait, nevermind... Olympic athlete LOLO JONES's dog SIR BOUREAUX is enjoys a foot for breakfast

And PIRATE PUG JACK reminds everybody to VOTE!  Vote early, vote often.  WINK!


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