Celebrity Pics of the Day, 11.17.12 -- PUPPIES!

A daily collection of the awww, the awww yeah, and WTF?, all from your favorite celebrities' Instagram & Twitter accounts.


Today's topic: PUPPIES!!!

One of the perks to being LAUREN CONRAD -- waking up with these two!

What's cuter than a Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel with a puppy?! 

How about CARRIE UNDERWOOD with her baby!

It's cold outside -- snuggle up with Canadian model HEATHER MARKS!

JAMIE KENNEDY -- you're getting a puppy!

Lookit this sharp-dressed pal of Scissor Sisters JAKE SHEARS!

BUSTED!  SOULJA BOY took a pic of his pup snacking on his Swisher Sweets!!!!

Posh Spice VICTORIA BECKHAM's cutie is loving the Vegas life!

SARAH SILVERMAN's teenager -- adorable!

Say cheese!  This is American Horror Story's ZACHARY QUINTO's best buddy.

And in other parts of the wild kingdom, Kermit the Frog bids KAT VON D a happy day

While MILLA JOVOVICH finds a stray teddy to rescue from zombies.  WTF?!


And there you have it!  Enjoy the weekend, tell your friends about THEYPOSTED.