Celebrity Pics of the Day, 11.15.12 -- CELEBRITIES UNMASKED

A daily collection of the awww, the awww yeah, and WTF?, all from your favorite celebrities' Instagram & Twitter accounts.



Rise & shine with JILL SCOTT

Up in the Air's ANNA KENDRICK ties the knot for marriage equality!

ALICIA WITT & BEN FOLDS grab some Hobbit fries down under!

Posh Spice VICTORIA BECKHAM shares a quiet moment on a balcony in Vegas

Who knew that BILLY CRUDUP & JUSTIN LONG used to be Hooters waitresses!

If you thought, "Hey, that bubblegum face looks like CONAN O BRIEN," you would be CORRECT!

A-HA!  Glee's JANE LYNCH and MATT MORRISON have finally come out!

Speaking of, ICE-T's wife COCO is about to come out... of her dress...

And not only is Modern Family's ERIC STONESTREET straight, but has been dating RIHANNA for the past 3 years!  Okay, not really, but it sounds cool.

KIM KARDASHIAN gets ready to hit the water

ADRIENNE CURRY hits the beach as well

But not without a little AEON FLUX cosplay for her fans, before finding more suitable attire for the surf.


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