Celebrity Pics of the Day, 11.14.12 -- PRETTY VIEWS

A daily collection of the awww, the awww yeah, and WTF?, all from your favorite celebrities' Instagram & Twitter accounts.


Today's topic:  PRETTY VIEWS

Chef JAMIE OLIVER captured this stunning sunrise in Essex

As MATTHEW PERRY wishes you a good morning from atop LA

Enjoy this stunning LA sunset shot by JUSTIN BIEBER

Roxy owner NIC ADLER shot this incredible LA sunset a couple days ago

Tech reporter KARA SWISHER sent this lovely postcard from Santa Monica

Twitter founder JACK DORSEY took this stunner over the weekend

And tattoo artist KAT VON D took this shot from above

MOBY takes a Dr Seuss-ian view of LA

While Glee's CORY MONTEITH reports that the powder is awesome in Mammoth

JASMINE TOOKAS says Aloha! from Hawaii

Technologist OM MALIK brings us this lovely vista from wine country

While JASON MEWES brings us pretty fluffy clouds before tokin' up in Jersey

Madonna manager GUY OSEARY offers this lovely view of Central Park during Madonna's NYC run

And KASKADE reports raining glitter from his view on stage

We wrap with CARLY RAE JEPSEN wishing you all Bonjour! from Paris.

And here's one more from Paris, courtesy of MySpace founder TOM ANDERSON