I'm feeling like the most loved girl on the planet. Last night, all of my favourite people convened in one room to wish me luck on my new adventures in Ottawa. Thanks so much, everyone, for being such an important part of my life. ❤ I'm so fortunate to know you'll be in Edmonton when I return. @bronwhim @heybrendin @thecobraking @cathfrances @cepulchre @er1cng @staytoyourleft @leblack @safety_bear @mikestinson @djwoodward @tysonkuhnel @magicmoment @greesyleesy @leslie_lukasewich @swyved, and everyone else I cannot tag, but was there. Last but not least, thank you, @jannaverrall for the Polaroid film! I am so glad to be able to take these memories and faces with me.
carmyn▲joy @carmynjoy
4 years ago via Instagram