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snow0909: @oprahwinfrey heard about this movie very excited to see.
dimples517: @oprahwinfrey you are great and so lucky. Wish I could enjoy some of the things you do & get to have. Stay awesome, you are my role model :)
twowins: The gray hair looks nice on you O. You should keep it 
getchusomehomie: The sweetest southern girl !
jennieelisabeth_1978: Great shot 💟
ashlaworx: Looking great Oprah! I hope you get the read these comments with your busy sched... You are keeping on!
ddhutchinson2: What? That's crazy!
hiyaw: Did Lee Daniels just get out of bed? Too funny. But on the other hand it's crazy to see the slave cabins!
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Director Lee Daniels and me getting ready to start shoot day at plantation in Louisiana. Real slave cabins in background . #theBUTLER
Oprah Winfrey @oprahwinfrey
3 years ago via Instagram