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alexthisway: Gaga you have to go to VENEZUELA we really want you here in our country!! WE LOVE YOU.
coolnebraskagirl: but you're still doing drugs + i do not approve of that xo
officialprincesssjasmin: 😍😘😍😘😍😘
federicapupillo: TI AMO ❀
khaledsakaamini: Good I'm so proud if you :) β€β€β€πŸ’˜
hausofjudas: Love you you are my whole wide world ξŒ­ξŒ­ξŒ¨ξŒ­ξŒ¨ξŒ­ξŒ¨ξŒ­ξŒ¨ξŒ­ξŒ¨ξŒ­ξŒ¨ξŒ­ξŒ¨ξŒ­ξŒ¨ξŒ¨ξŒ¨ξŒ¨ξŒ¨ξŒ­ξŒ¨ξŒ­ξŒ¨ξŒ­ξŒ¨ξŒ¨ξŒ¨ξŒ­ξŒ¨ξŒ­ξŒ¨ξŒ¨ξŒ¨ξŒ­ξŒ­ξŒ¨ξŒ­ξŒ¨ξŒ¨ξŒ¨ξ€’ξŒͺξ€’ξŒͺξ€’ξŒͺξ€’ξŒͺξ€’ξŒͺξ€’ξŒͺξ€’ξŒͺξ€’ξŒͺξ€’ξŒͺξ€’ξ€’ξŒͺξ€’ξ€’ξ€’ξŒͺξ€’ξŒͺξ€’ξŒͺξ€’ξ€’ξ€’ξŒ¨ξŒ­ξŒ¨ξŒ­ξŒ¨ξŒ­ξŒ¨
duhformagio: Mary Jane is real . @ladygaga love you , i'm Brazilian monster for u..
tealbedazzler: Girl you are so flawless 😍
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I've cut down to 2 drinks a week! #maryjaneholland
ladygaga @ladygaga
3 years ago via Instagram