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zuschie: Man your photos are so AWESOME.
_gabrielflores: Dude. Incredible! Your posts hit hard every time 👊 Nice profile btw.
curious2119: @_gabrielflores Thanks, dude! It was taken by @taylorbjork
wildcreatures: Amazing
curious2119: @jambry Thanks always, Jamey
curious2119: @zuschie Thanks!
wearugoing888: Fabulous👍
fungggxd: Gorgeous.
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Really great day today w/ @taylorbjork out adventuring on the Wisconsin side of the lake. Taylor is an amazing guy with a big heart and a talent for design and photography. He does some slick work for the Duluth Pack Company. This is Taylor standing over a frozen lake cover with ice shards. #whpstoryportrait
Tim Landis @curious2119
3 years ago via Instagram