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This I something that I've been thinking about for awhile. I wasn't sure how exactly to write my thoughts out so I'm just going to start writing. I've been wondering about the label "blue collar" that we give to some but not to others that deserve it. A group that I feel is left out is Waitresses. The women(and men) that get to deal with us when we are tired, hungry and in a hurry. They bust ass from table to table giving each grumpy group full attention in a caring manor. Just for a few minutes they become part of our family. Taking care of our most basic needs, and tending to our children. Also now providing us with the restaurant wifi password so we can give them even less of our attention. The Validation of this waitresses hard work and rides on a percentage point based on how big our bill is. I think I personally care so much about this subject because I was raised with my dad and ate out my whole childhood. Spires, The Pantry, El Ranchito, Ferrals ect ect. All of these places had a lady that knew me and knew what I liked to eat. It was always special to me. So next time you go out to eat. Take a moment and notice the care you are getting. Notice that woman working hard to make sure you are happy and well fed. She's doing her "blue collar" job so you can get back to doing yours. When it comes time for the Tip? Even if the service is not great, leave an extra $20. I will guarantee the service will be great the next time, and you might just make somebody's (that's feeling unappreciated) day #jessejames
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