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My buddy @the_clint_walker might just be a better Troll then me........ #Repost: You may find this hard to believe, but one person I admire the most in the Firearms Industry is @jessejamesfirearms Jesse James. A few months back we were sitting around smoking Swisher Sweets and reminiscing about all the naysayers in our lifetime that have helped fuel us to make our own path. Jesse James is so polarizing to our industry because he simply doesn't give a fuck what people say cannot be done. And his design cues also break the mold in many aspects. Admittedly, the first time I saw the "Marvin Martian" looking suppressor of his, I didn't know whether to put batteries in it and sit on it (don't judge me) or attach it to a rifle and run some rounds through it. I was with a dozen or so industry professionals and professional shooters...and quite frankly, we were ALL amazed at how well it performed. Not only QUIET but even after rapid firing an entire clipazine I could still touch it without changing my life. Jesse's critics are all butthurt over the Aero-suppressor (perhaps a model with batteries is in order?) And literally freaking out over his latest video showing him using a $15k dB meter with impressive results. Now my brother Jesse grew up in the same streets I did...and he knows a thing or two about fighting and street races...he knows full well that the hype leading up to the race only adds to the glory of winning. And I for one am loving every minute of the journey. @fourguysguns #suppressor #silencer #jessejames #industryasfuck ™@the_clint_walker
Jesse James @popeofwelding